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Port Museum

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  • Port Museum
  • Port Museum
  • Port Museum
  • Port Museum
Must See Port Museum

Since summer 2020, the Port has been working on a comprehensive rehabilitation of the city’s cultural and historical space. After almost a year, the work has culminated in the conversion of a warehouse built in the first decades of the twentieth century into a modern exhibition space for the Port’s heritage collection. It is now a new and exciting museum thanks to its advanced audiovisual and interactive resources.

This is an ideal building in which to display the port's heritage collection, given the large volume of many of the pieces on display. The breadth of space offered by this former warehouse has allowed to propose an integrated discourse with the exhibits.

For many years now, the Port has devoted the facilities on the Costa Wharf to civic and cultural uses and, over the years, it has been responsible for recovering and safeguarding the maritime and port heritage of our coast.

The museum presents a journey through the history of the port from the time the Romans first landed to the present day. The exhibits tell us of life on the docks, the types of fishing, sporting activities, and the vessels and cargos linked to our seas.

Pic & Info: © Port Tarragona

Address Refugi 2 del Moll de Costa, s/n 43004 Tarragona

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