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General Information

General Information

Tarragona Cruise Port Technical Details

Tarragona Cruise Port serves as the main cruise port to the ancient city for both a transit and turnaround operations. With 4 berths and no length & draft limitation, the port can easily handle the largest cruise ships in the world. The future cruise terminal, which will be operational in the first quarter of 2024, will be a multifunctional and sustainable terminal, it is expected to achieve considerable savings in emissions that will imply a reduction in the carbon footprint. This terminal will have a modular construction in the workshop, which will also allow savings in materials and waste. Both points are aligned with the objective of the "Sustainability Plan for the 2030 agenda of the Port of Tarragona".

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    Total Berthing: 707 m
    Max. Vessel LOA: no limits
    Max. Draught: 19 m
    Total Berthing: 267 m
    Max. Vessel LOA: 230 m
    Max. Draught: 17 m
    Total Berthing: 461 m
    Max. Vessel LOA: 362 m
    Max. Draught: 18 m
Quays / Berths

Total Number of Berths: 4
Total Berthing Line Length:
1,435 m
Quays Depth:
Min 17 m


Maximum Ship Dimensions For Berth

Length: No Limit
Width: No Limit
Draught: 17-19 m


City centre: 5,8 km
Barcelona airport:
94 km
Reus airport:
18 km
High speed train station (Camp de Tarragona):
 19 km
Shuttle service: yes (under request)



Available: Yes
Ship Tender Allowed: Yes
Tugs Available: Yes
Tidal Movement/Range: none

General Information

Region: West Med
Terminal: 1 (in progress)
Bus Capacity: 55-71
Turnaround Port: Yes

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