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Cookies policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are files that are installed on the browser's website or the devices (smartphones, tablet) of the user during their tour of the pages of the website and serve to store information about your visit.

Cookies are used to:

1. Ensure that web pages can function properly.

2. Store preferences, such as the language or the size of the letter.

3. Know the experience of user navigations.

4. Collect anonymous statistical information, such as pages the user has visited or how long they have been on the website.

The use of cookies allows optimizing navigation, adapting the information and services offered to the interests of users, to provide a greater experience whenever you visit the website.

Typology, purpose and operation

Cookies depending on their permanence, can be divided into session or permanent cookies. The first ones expire when the user closes the browser. The second ones expire when the objective they serve is fulfilled or when they are manually deleted.

In addition, depending on its purpose, Cookies can be classified as follows:

1. Strictly necessary (techniques):

They are essential for the proper functioning of the page. They are usually generated when the user accesses the website or logs in to it and is used to identify the website with the following objectives:

A. They keep the user identified so that if they leave the website, the browser or the device and at another time access the same page, they will continue to be identified, facilitating their browsing without having to re-identify.

B. Check if the user is authorized to access certain Services or areas of the website

2. Performance:

They are used to improve the browsing experience and optimize the operation of the website, such as storing the service configurations, or storing the purchase made in a shopping cart.

3. Advertising:

Are those that collect information about the ads shown to the users of the website. They can be of two types:

A. Anonymous: They only collect information about the advertising spaces displayed on the website, regardless of the user who accessed the website, that is, without expressly identifying himself.

B. Personalized: They collect personal information of the user of the website by a third party, for the personalization of these advertising spaces.

4. Geolocation:

These cookies are used to find out in which country or region the user who accesses a website service is located, in order to offer contents or services appropriate to their location.

5. Analytics:

They collect information about the user's browsing experience on the website, usually anonymously, although at times they also allow the user to be uniquely and unequivocally identified in order to obtain reports on the interests of the users of the services offered by the website.

Cookies used

Level 1:
Cookies strictly necessary for the provision of the same service requested by the user.

Level 2:
Performance cookies (anonymous) necessary for the maintenance of content and navigation, which only need to report on its existence.

Level 3:
Cookies managed by third parties that allow user tracking through other websites that are not the owner of this website. Normally they correspond to advertising or analytical cookies where the user is uniquely and obviously identified.

Deactivate the use of cookies

The user may at any time, disable the use of cookies through browser settings, for example:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

We inform you that APT , in its domain does not use any type of "cookie", for the treatment of personal data, that allow the identification of specific physical persons.

Domini Name of the "Cookie" Expires information
PRIZE COOKIES ver_legal Permanent Control version of legal texts
THIRD PARTY COOKIES __utma 2 years Internal measurement Google Analytics. Level 3 __utmb 30 minutes Internal measurement Google Analytics. Level 3 __utmc Session Internal measurement Google Analytics. Level 3 __utmz 6 months Internal measurement Google Analytics. Level 3 __utmz 2 years To distinguish the users. Level 3 __ga 2 years To distinguish the users. Level 3 __gib 24 hours To distinguish the users. Level 3 __gat 1 minute To limit the percentage of requests. Level 3

Once read all the information provided, we warn the user that, if you continue browsing on our website, without having taken the appropriate measures of personalization of your browsers, to prevent the installation of the cookies used by it, you will be giving your consent for the use of the aforementioned mechanisms, in the terms included in article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, according to the wording thereof given by RD 13/2012 of March 30 , by which directives are transposed in the matter of internal markets of electricity and gas and in the matter of electronic communications.