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The province of Tarragona is known for its designations of origin wine and cava

Six Designations of origin

The province of Tarragona is known for its designations of origin wine and cava. The vineyard, a prominent symbol of the Mediterranean culture, is one of the identifying values of the regions of the Costa Daurada because of the uniqueness of their products and overwhelming expansion of cultivation.

With six designations of origin wine and a large part of its territory covered under the designation of origin cava, the Costa Daurada has a remarkable variety of vineyard landscapes where you can visit wineries, walk among the vineyards and attend festivals, wine tasting or wine pairing lunches.

Wine is one of the most recognizable symbols of Mediterranean culture as well as an asset that identifies the city and province of Tarragona, a vast area covered with vineyards and creating one-of-a-kind products.

Thanks to its six Designations of Origin (DO), the Costa Daurada is home to a wide range of attractive options for touring the wine areas, such as winery tours (some of which are theatrical), walking tours of the vineyards, festivals, wine tastings, and lunches with wine pairings. No discussion of local wine would be complete without a mention of the DOQ Priorat, one of the only two areas with this distinction in Spain.

It's important to mention the names René Barbier, Carles Pastrana and Álvaro Palacios, as enologists who improved the way wine was produced, modernizing the processes in line with their experience and knowledge. All of this led them to create modern wines which have made an impact worldwide. A special mention should be given to the renowned enologist Sara Pérez, who sought elegance, complexity and refinement in her wines.

The DO Cava is also an area of special interest, located primarily in the county of El Penedès. This DO specializes in the creation of exquisite sparkling wines. The wines of Penedès are made with traditional grape varieties as well as others introduced in recent years. In the long and exciting global history of wine and wine growing, cava represents modernity, the exaltation of the art of wine making, the apex of what wine growers have learned over the centuries.

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